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I first found emmi pet when I was looking for a way to expand my dog grooming business, to bring in some more income and there was definitely gap in groomers offering dental care in my area. I did my research and found the dog tooth fairy, and then did an amazing online training session with Anastasia. I have continued support through herself and her social media platforms and it is an excellent additional income to my business.

Freya Hill (The Mud Room Desborough)

Since I completed the emmi-pet training with Anastasia and opening my dental hygiene business to the public, I’ve not only been able to help hundreds of clients save money, I’ve saved hundreds of dogs from having unnecessary anaesthetic procedures which has in turn, saved lives.

Not only do we have a home base, we’re now mobile and offering charity work in the new year. After all, it’s the dogs that we’re doing it for!

Clean Canines is my full-time job and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Thank you to Anastasia for helping me to achieve that final step to get my career going, it’s the last thing that I needed to do after my other qualifications but the training is vital to understand the equipment. Also, a thanks to Emmi-pet for creating this amazing technology!

Hannah Watson (Clean Canines Rumborough)


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