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This webinar is ideal for pet owners that want to start using the emmi®-pet teeth cleaning system at home on their pets, or those that already have the kit but are just wanting to feel a bit more confident in how to achieve great results.


  • Getting started – unboxing and charging your device
  • Home set up & hygiene
  • What is emmi®-pet?
  • How does emmi®-pet work?
  • introducing your pet to emmi®-pet
  • How to use emmi®-pet toothbrush at home (Demo videos)
  • Using the additional tools (Demo videos)
  • Canine dental health problems
  • When your pet should see a vet..?
  • How often can I use emmi®-pet..?
  • Equipment maintenance and Hygiene
  • Additional products that are available
  • Before and after results.

The webinar is pre-recorded, once you have purchased you can click download and save the file to your device.

Using the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush regularly at home will improve your pet’s dental health reducing bacteria, odours, plaque and tartar and preventing the onset of dental disease. Saving money from costly vet’s dentals at the same time.

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